Two and a half years that never happened

It's been two years, seven months, and four days since I last wrote a post on this blog. It feels at once much much longer than that, and much much shorter. All that time I just couldn't write, couldn't string a sentence together, couldn't think of anything to say. I'd written about having Lemtrada, about… Continue reading Two and a half years that never happened

Lemtrada: round two, five weeks later

It's just over five weeks after I finished round two of Lemtrada, and I'm feeling a lot better than I was. I've returned to work - well, at least not 'to' work per se as I'm working from home. That's something I was planning to do anyway as part of a phased return, building up… Continue reading Lemtrada: round two, five weeks later

Lemtrada: round two, day three

I'm home now, in my bed, where I intend to stay for the next couple of days. I slept well last night but woke at 6am with my mind racing - the steroids are obviously still affecting me. I'm not looking forward to the crash when I don't get my steroid fix today! I feel… Continue reading Lemtrada: round two, day three

Lemtrada: round two, day two

Apparently blog posts need pictures, but I couldn't find a picture to illustrate today so the picture up there ^ is a view of my reading materials for my time in hospital plus the steroid aftermath detritus of an empty Mentoes packet. After yesterday's interminable waiting, today ran like clockwork. In fact so much like… Continue reading Lemtrada: round two, day two

Lemtrada: round two, day 0

I'm in my hospital bed, with a cannula in my right hand (memo to self, if I ever have this done again, or if my cannula gets resited, get it put in my left (non-dominant) hand. It's really annoying having a cannula in your writing hand). I'm in the same ward, and the same bed… Continue reading Lemtrada: round two, day 0


Before Christmas, I was given the gift of a massage. Something I never have the time or money to arrange for myself. It was blissful, a combination of Swedish massage techniques and lymphatic drainage (lymphatic drainage being apparently beneficial for MS - though I'm not sure of the science on that). It was a rare… Continue reading Self-care