Lemtrada: round two, day 0

I’m in my hospital bed, with a cannula in my right hand (memo to self, if I ever have this done again, or if my cannula gets resited, get it put in my left (non-dominant) hand. It’s really annoying having a cannula in your writing hand).

I’m in the same ward, and the same bed I was in last time, which is a bit surreal. It feels a bit like I never left. I was supposed to be in Charles Polkey ward, the lovely shiny refurbished ward on the top floor of this block, with fabled views across South London. So I’m slightly disappointed to be in a ward with a view of a wall and some bins. But then I need to remind myself that I’m not in a hotel, this isn’t a holiday, and I could do with some perspective.

Hopefully I’ll get a decent night’s sleep tonight, and then I’m looking forward to getting going tomorrow, and getting Lemtrada round two done and dusted.

To that end, I’d better turn in. Night-night.

Read more about my Lemtrada journey:

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