Music to magnetise my brain by – a playlist

Over two years ago, I wrote about preparing for an MRI scan of my brain and cervical spine (here) and how my husband was making me a CD to listen to in the scanner.

Since then, I’ve had three more brain scans and I’ve fine-tuned my MRI playlist. I always meant to share it on my blog – this is the music that has helped me get through the MRI experience and it’s now an experience I almost look forward to. Almost.

This music works in the MRI machine because it’s hypnotic and calming, but also repetitive – so it complements the sound of the machine. Music helps me so much when I have an MRI, but I have one tip – if your phone is being plugged in to play the music off make sure you turn it all the way up before you hand it over. MRIs are LOUD!

Do you have an MRI playlist? What’s on it?

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